Hermann Menzoda grew up in Queens New York as the youngest of 5 brothers. His parents immigrated to the USA from the Demonican Republic shortly before his birth. His childhood was characterized by problems, he smoked his first joint and at 13 he smoked marijuana and cocaine for the first time.
As a young adult he got into the drug business, he started counting money, but quickly moved up the ladder and made a fortune. He was arrested and when everything seemed hopeless he met God. Today he meets with governors, speaks at the UN, talks to heads of state and travels the world to share God’s hope with people

What the story means for Joshua

When I heard about his story, my first thought was: I’ve never seen a movie or documentary about such an incredible true story.
The extremes between wealth and total loss are enormous in Hermann’s life. And so is his transformation as a Christian.
Every time I hear his story I get goosebumps, I find it amazing how a person who not only let his family down, but was also responsible for thousands of people becoming addicted to drugs, turns back to God. This story shows that it is not impossible for anyone to experience God’s grace and forgiveness. But his story does not end there, today he stands before governors, heads of state, travels the world to tell the good news.

What the story means for Simon


To show the love & power of God through one of the most impressive stories of our time with millions of people.


“In a world of misinformation, we crave truth.” NETFLIX

We thought for a long time about the right format for this story: TV show, feature film, documentary, …

Documentaries are more popular than ever, many young people have had enough of feature films and TV shows and are craving the truth. That’s why we decided to make a documentary.
BUT not as it is often done, where just one person sits on a chair, the story is told and archival footage is shown in the background.

We will reenact entire scenes and illuminate the impressive story with additional animations.