Beyond Society

Why we created BEYOND SOCIETY

1. We want to inspire people
We Christians are often caught up in our everyday lives and don’t see what else is happening in this world. We want to show how incredible the work of these missionaries is and that the viewer can also become a part of it.


2. Support missionaries
MAF is the largest missionary airline, but there are also many other missionaries who depend on the support of donors. MAF helps thousands of people around the world, but this is only possible through donors.

A few of the heroes of MAF

This three-part documentary shows the work of MAF’s missionaries who fly to remote places to bring help, hope and healing.
The series takes the viewer on a journey to three locations in Northern Kenya. These places are far away from civilization and far away from help. The first place we visit in the series is 2 hours away by plane, but over 2 days by car.