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Who we are

  • We are the Wesely brothers Joshua and Simon Wesely.
    Together we founded Wesely Brothers in 2020 after having a video production company called “Quatromedia” for a few years.
    With this company we have filmed over 100 weddings and countless promotional videos.
  • During the Corona period, a gap in our schedule gave us the idea that we should produce a short film. This short film became a feature film that was released after half 6 month of pre-production, production and post-production. Over 12 million people saw the film on over 30 streaming platforms.
  • At the end of 2022, pre-production began for our film “Law for Christmas”, which was shot in Nashville in September.
  • Since November we have been working on our TV series “Silent War” with the wall street journal bestselling author Jeffery Wilson.
  • In February 2024 we filmed a 3-part documentary with the organization MAF in Kenya.
  • Since April 2024, we have been following the UFC fighter Joe Solecki, who lost his fight on June 2 but is expected to make his big comeback in October.
  • In September 2024 we will be filming an elaborate Netflix style documentary in Atlanta, Nashville and New York about the former drug lord Herman Mendoza.

Already Won

“Already Won” follows the UFC fighter who believes in Jesus Christ on his way to his big comeback. He lost his fight by knockout in December 2023, also losing his fight in early June (We followed him in this fight and in the preparation. His next fight is expected to be in October 2024. Joe is an incredibly humble and devout Christian.

Joshua Wesely


Simon Wesely



Simon Wesely completed his bachelor’s degree at the LA FILM SCHOOL in Los Angeles in 2023.
Due to his outstanding performance, he was specially honored and received the Summa Cum Laude.

Beyond Society

This three-part documentary shows the work of MAF’s missionaries who fly to remote places to bring help, hope and healing.
The series takes the viewer on a journey to three locations in Northern Kenya. These places are far away from civilization and far away from help. The first place we visit in the series is 2 hours away by plane, but over 2 days by car.

Drug Lord’s Redemption

A kid from Queens becomes a New York drug , finds his faith in prison as he faces a possible life sentence. After many years and a prison revival, he is released and travels the world sharing the gospel.

10 weeks #1 Bestseller at Christian Chinema


Million times watched


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We are proud to share the adventures with our whole family.
We produced the first and second film with our family.
Tabitha Wesely (The youngest of our siblings) was director of photography.
Michaela Wesely (mother) was gaffer
Stephan Wesely (Father) was production manager