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Deep and true

It’s true, more and more people, think less and less. Unfortunately, this is very sad. We must now try that this film does not become a truth. Thank you for this film!!

– Coby


Booom, Not Marvel Quality, but

Amazing Movie, Obviously, the film quality is not the same as films from Marvel, but the message is very moving and real fire. 2025 doesn’t look that far away, and it’s true that when we see what has happened to our rights in the last year, I can well imagine that this could really happen as shown in the film 2025.

– Josh


Great meaning

Loved the meaning of the movie. It was exciting to watch yet I definitely felt the realness to it. God is good!

– Matthew


Theological masterpiece

An incredibly powerful film with an even more powerful message. The film is eye-opening and encouraging

– Pastor Inga Hase

Set in the year 2025:

Since the outbreak of the Corona virus in 2020, the world has not been the same: A communist system with a single world government has been established, English has been chosen as the world language, contacts have been reduced to a minimum. Christianity has been banned completely; the constitution how we knew it no longer exists.

In Germany, a small group of young Christians start an underground revolution to reunite Christians and regain freedom.

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